Massodos Rollingmass ® waxed precious wood cervical vertebral massage. Manufacturing 100% French

Rollingmass ®
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Rolling mass® Relaxation Massage and Relaxation Appliances

From the Rolling Mass range, French made of precious wood waxed with beeswax for massage of the spine... Massage of the back and cervical muscles starting with the calves and then moving up the whole body along the spine.

Handcrafted French manufacture in solid beech wood - Finishing with beeswax - Very high quality.


Modern life often leads to stress phenomena that can cause persistent pain such as cervical pain.
A relaxing massage can help you to regain your well-being and natural vitality.

A complete massage is best done in pairs.


No fatigue for the masseur and no risk for you because it is not necessary to be a professional.
Lying on a hard plane, hands under the forehead so as to free the shoulder blades well.
Your partner will roll the Massodos starting with the calves. Act in small movements by dosing the support according to the taste of the subject.


 Go up along the thighs (avoiding popliteal hollows behind the knees) the buttocks, hips, backs, trapezoids, and the massage will end with a strong emphasis on bladder meridians centred parallel to each side of the backbone.
You want to get rid of all your tensions that invade your cortex: roll the Massodos all over the scalp, or ask your partner.

Dimension: 10cm by 23cm