Tiao xxl Rollingmass ® the real precious and solid wooden massager for feet reflexology. Manufacture 100% French

Rollingmass ®
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Feet relaxation Massage Rolling mass ®

 XXL Model 

l: 26,0 CM  L: 29,30 CM    H1 : 4 CM     H2: 7,5 CM

Wood massager for Rollingmass® feet, made in France in precious wood waxed with beeswax for foot massage. Foot reflexology. This very large format compressed wooden massager is known throughout the world to remedy fatigue, regenerate your tone and relieve your feet before and after exercise.

French handcrafted production in solid beech wood

Beeswax finish, giving a sturdy character and a timeless touch.

Very high product quality, will keep for very long years.

It allows to massage feet of all sizes. The Tiao "made in France"is a high quality product thanks to its depth and perfect stability on the ground.

This compression massager is known worldwide for relieving fatigue, regenerating your tonicity and relieving your feet before and after exercise.

Relieves in 15 minutes.



Derived from ancestral practices of foot massage from Japan to Egypt, foot reflexology is an alternative medicine increasingly recognized by traditional medicine. There are more than 7,000 nerve endings in the foot. They are linked to all areas of the body through the spinal cord and brain. A simple pressure at a specific point in the foot can have a long-range effect on a diseased organ, rebalancing the functions of all organs in the body.
In the past, walking barefoot and using your hands to climb, build or work used to use these reflex zones and thus helped regulate body balance. The modern way of life has made us lose this natural use of preventive medicine.
Reflexology thus helps to strengthen the weak points of the body and release excess energy. It is a very effective technique because it acts on the whole body. It's a practical way to fight stress. It has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, relieving tension, improving sleep. It is a health practice that can be used safely, and allows you to take preventive action to maintain your health.


Foot reflexology is based on the principle that each part of the body is represented at the level of the feet by a nerve end.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers that the body is covered by 12 meridians connecting the main organs where the flow of energy circulates to ensure health and balance.

By massaging, pressing, crushing or pricking these " reflex points " we restore the balance of the organs.

The foot, with 72,000 nerve endings, occupies the largest hand space in the cortex compared to other parts of the body.

All physiological functions such as the device:

respiratory - digestive - hormonal
circulatory - nervous
lymphatic - sensory
articular - urinary