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Relaxation and relaxation Massage Appliances

From the Rolling Mass range, French made of precious beech waxed wood for dynamic and relaxing foot or back massage.

Handcrafted French manufacture in solid beech wood - Finishing with beeswax - Very high quality.


For a muscular relaxation and an Absolute Well-being!


 For the feet: Place your feet on the notched parts of the Piedos with the heels closest to your seat in a comfortable sitting position (back rested is a relaxation!). Using light pressure, roll the Piedos from toes to heels and from heels to toes.


Ten minutes will suffice. Eventually insist on the reflex zone in relation to a lazy organ (or function): see the plank of points. The relaxation effect will be rapid and the circulation restart (the return is promoted by pump effect) will lighten the leg and warm the foot. It's like walking barefoot in the wilderness. At home or at work, use the Piedos.

For the back: Intercalate the Piedos between your back and a wall, the spine centered in the hollow of the Piedos.


By bending your knees and leaning against the wall, move up and down. You will obtain a relaxing effect of the para vertebral muscles very effective.