Aroma Diffuser Althéa

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Samll aroma diffuser fountain of mist

Fountain Aroma diffuser Althéa made of white frosted glass, mist gushes, lighting by leds muliticolores. height: 20 cm diameter: 12 cm

 the system of probe 12 leds permits the diffusion of mist, combined to the change of the colors.

Control the rate of humidity of your inside, keep the cool and pure air.


This harmonious combination of basin and basis in glass with a system of leds muticolores that illuminates fog, make an object of lighting of it really astonishing of a pure design and source of well-being.


The principle of working consists merely in making vibrate the molecules of water by the sound, the result; it is a bursting in fine droplets of the water that passes in the membrane.


The fountain of mist, is a remarkable distributor of organic oils, that contrary to the process of fire-chamber of some devices, use the fine drops of water to atomize the essential oils without altering them.

Some drops only of essential oils in the fountain of inside, and it is the life that enters in the pieces of your dwelling. Think about visiting our rays of the natural essential oils certified Organic BIO of at florame®.

Finally, a fountain of mist, it is also a marvelous game of light under the water, that makes sparkle the reflections in mist, in a completely uncertain and bewitching manner.

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