Wooden massagers luxury

Range of luxury masseurs woods in beech French polished to the wax of bee.

 Perfect finish and solidity in the time. Made In France.

Rollingmass ®


Rolling Mass ® est un fabricant Français d'appareils de Massage Bois de Haute Qualité.



bois starter rollingmass massage dos cou jambes bras cuisses rolling mass ®


We offer two models in width and length for massage belts.


Massroll Rollingmass ® Masseur rollers, use himself on all parts of the body. Manufacture 100% French.

Tiao xxl Rollingmass ® the real precious and solid wooden massager for feet reflexology. Manufacture 100% French

The Bois starter Rollingmass ® the real wood massager belt to the back, arms, legs. Manufacture 100% French

Bois starter XXL the real Masseur to belt for back the legs . Manufacture 100% French

Massodos Rollingmass ® precious wooden vertebral cervical masseur oilskin. Manufacturing 100 % French