Scented envelope Le Blanc ®

The Le Blanc ® Scented envelope can scent your cupboards, drawers, houses and cars

Our Scented envelope can also be used for bag vacuum cleaners. Open the sachet, spread the scented particles and vacuum them up, your vacuum cleaner will spread a nice flower fragrance during its use.

Our scented envelope are available in many fragrance : green tea, jasmine, violet, cedar, amarillys, lily of the valley ...

Just remove the plastic, without opening the sachet, juste put it wherever you want to improve the fragrance. Beware not to place on a varnish surface, et keep it away from children.

Scented envelope Powder Lavander 11cmX11cm Leblanc ®

SACHET Parfumé ROSE 11cmX11cm

SACHET Parfumé Cannelle ORANGE 11cmX11cm

Parfumé JASMIN 11cmX11cm

SACHET Parfumé VERVEINE 11cmX11cm

SACHET Parfumé VANILLE 11cmX11cm

SACHET Parfumé AMBRE Ange (E) 11cmX11cm

Amber scented envelope 11cm X 11cm

SACHET Parfumé AMBRE Ange (E) 11cmX11cm